PEOPL was established by Aaron Troy in 2014 with the mission to bring well-considered landscape architecture to Australian residential clients.

Aaron is qualified as both a software engineer and landscape architect, and so brings a unique perspective to the way problems can be understood and overcome. With a wide range of design experience over more than ten years, Aaron's portfolio includes private residences, commercial developments, public parks and plazas, and urban estates. PEOPL now seek unique design projects that allow us to explore new ideas and solutions to everyday requirements.

Aaron is a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.


The PEOPL philosophy is simple: Better environments make better people.

The challenge for us to to identify what environment is best for these people?

We pride ourselves understanding how your landscape can best work for you, ultimately making you happier, healthier, and wealthier within the context of your own priorities.
Feel free to get in touch at any time to discuss our methodology in more detail.

Given this was our first ever renovation, we really didn’t know what to expect. Your patient, methodical, step-by-step approach ensured the experience was not only stress-free, but also enjoyable. Over and above everything, it’s your core strengths which shone that will put you a cut above all of your peers – absolute professionalism combined with sincere passion for landscape design and architecture. Our journey is not over, and we look forward to engaging with you again in the future.

Caulfield Client