The first step is to meet with the client and/or the architect to establish a brief based on the clients site, architecture and lifestyle. A landscape design fee proposal will then be provided for your consideration.


Upon acceptance of the fee proposal, PEOPL will revisit the design brief to prepare a schematic landscape design. This design will include all structures and spaces proposed for the landscape as well as nominated plants and materials.


Following presentation and review of the initial landscape design, PEOPL will amend and refine concept to establish a complete schematic design that then becomes the basis for construction documentation.


Upon completion of the landscape concept, PEOPL can provide a fee proposal for construction documentation. Upon your acceptance of the fee proposal, PEOPL will translate the schematic design into a construction documentation package (plans, sections, construction details and specifications) to be used for quotation and construction.


As landscape architects, PEOPL can oversee the landscape construction process. This typically includes tendering to multiple contractors, site inspections and progress reports, but can also include submission to authorities for approval and coordination of other relevant consultants such as land surveyors, arborists and engineers.