We believe that, just like people, every garden becomes a unique reflection of nature (the site), and nurture (the client).

By understanding these factors, we can create indivdual landscapes that prosper for the entirety of their lives.


It is easy to make an attractive garden in the current fashion, or to reproduce your preferred style on each site.
PEOPL pride ourselves on creating depth of character in a landscape. Our mission is to give each garden an identity that echos the culture of your family and the personalities of the individuals within it.

We like to spend as much time as necessary getting to know you, your priorities, and how we can best achieve them on your site. We will work with you to create a garden that is truly yours.
Please get in touch if you would like to explore just how much value you can get from your landscape.

Given this was our first ever renovation, we really didn’t know what to expect. Your patient, methodical, step-by-step approach ensured the experience was not only stress-free, but also enjoyable. Over and above everything, it’s your core strengths which shone that will put you a cut above all of your peers – absolute professionalism combined with sincere passion for landscape design and architecture. Our journey is not over, and we look forward to engaging with you again in the future.

Caulfield Client