We create innovative landscape designs
that exceed client expectations

We Love Landscape Design

Since its establishment PEOPL has grown to include urban, graphic and sculptural design for private, public and commercial clients. The primary focus of PEOPL is intimate outdoor spaces for small groups. We are always seeking our next challenge and will never limit ourselves to a single scale or style. We aim to involve and educate you so that you can get the best version of your design. By including your ideas and personality, we create something you unique every time, but more importantly, something that is truly yours.

Given this was our first ever renovation, we really didn’t know what to expect. Your patient, methodical, step-by-step approach ensured the experience was not only stress-free, but also enjoyable. Over and above everything, it’s your core strengths which shone that will put you a cut above all of your peers – absolute professionalism combined with sincere passion for landscape design and architecture. Our journey is not over, and we look forward to engaging with you again in the future.

Caulfield Client