Aaron Troy is a qualified landscape architect passionate about improving lives through design. He has worked for numerous award-winning landscape design and landscape architecture companies and has led the design and management of an award-winning garden (Landscaping Victoria – Best Landscape under $75,000, 2009). With over 10 years’ experience in landscape design and construction administration of projects up to $1.5M, Aaron now primarily enjoys the intimate detail in designing for private residences and small businesses.

Aaron has a reputation for lateral thinking and unique solutions. His education in software engineering and landscape architecture allow him to systematically analyse design problems and creatively resolve them. He is a strong advocate for the avant-garde and thrives on new ideas.


PEOPL was established 2014 with the desire to create innovative designs that exceed client expectations and progress the field of landscape architecture. Since its establishment PEOPL has grown to include urban, graphic and sculptural design for private, public and commercial clients. The primary focus of PEOPL is intimate outdoor spaces for small groups.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
– Albert Einstein

PEOPL are committed to the field of landscape architecture and endeavor to provide the best design service possible. Aaron’s mission is to define spaces, connections and styles that work harmoniously with the client, the architecture and the site. He is a proponent of the ‘metamodern’ philosophical position and respects the challenge of balancing a site to be both meaningful and vague, playful and tranquil, beautiful and functional.


Landscape Concepts

As landscape architects, our primary focus is landscape concepts for residential and small commercial developments. These typically include scaled plans and elevations, perspective drawings, and plant and material palettes to give clients a clear sense of what to expect when taking the concept into construction.

3D Visualisation

We typically represent our designs in 3D. In addition to our own landscape design, we develop 3D imagery and animations for other professionals in all areas of design, from small-scale sculpture and industrial design to buildings, parks and urban estates.

Planting Design

We have extensive experience in planting design for Victorian landscapes of all scales, from front yard facelifts, to contemporary suburban parks, to wetlands and revegetation projects. We take pride in achieving planting styles from across the world using plants that work in the local climate.

Town Planning Applications

Many properties have government overlays that limit the types of work that can occur without government approval. We provide advice on how these overlays affect your design, and prepare landscape drawings and supporting documentation for development applications.

Construction Documentation

Landscape construction documentation is often required to get from concept to construction. We can provide a complete landscape construction package that enables the client to seek building permits, obtain accurate quotes or simply build it themselves. We work with registered engineers to ensure that your landscape is certified to stand the test of time.

Construction Contract Administration

The landscape process can sometimes be complex. We can provide an interface between the client and the numerous specialists and contractors that may be required to complete the project. PEOPL uses ``AS 4122 -2010 - General Conditions of Contract for Consultants`` to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of every party are upheld throughout landscape management and construction. Contract administration may include all of the aforementioned services.



We love landscape design!  We are always seeking our next challenge and will never limit ourselves to a single scale or style.  We aim to involve and educate you so that you can get the best version of your design.  By including your ideas and personality, we create something you unique every time, but more importantly, something that is truly yours.

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